An Introduction To Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony 
with Seble Shiferaw  (20 mins)   September 9 - 16

Learn about the cultural signifigance of Coffee Ceremony for Ethiopians.

FUN FACT: Coffee is indigenous to Ethiopia!

Musica de la Tierra:
New Mexico History Through New Mexico Traditional Music

with NM State Historian Rob Martinez (41 mins)  September 9 - 16

The history of the Land of Enchantment told through song and engaging stories!

FUN FACT: Inditas and corridos both came out of the Romance folk music of 17th century Spain!

¡Globalquerque Sojourns
Episode 1: Puuluup
 (60 mins)  September 9 - 19
Teaser below.  View Episode 1: Puuluup on our EVENTIVE Site.  Click HERE

Please contact us to use of our educational videos that teach cross cultural understanding in an accessible, fun, musical and arts-driven manner for all ages!  Appropriate for schools, cultural organizations, museums, libraries, community centers, etc.

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