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Kayhan Kalhor In Memory of Mohammed Reza Shajaria Streaming May 3 - 5, 2021

Trailer: Lost in The Desert Sky: Kayhan Kalhor in Memory of Mohammad Reza Shajarian


Directed by Directed by Faraz Fathi-Alireza Haghshenas (Iran 2021, 64 minutes)

Experience a one-of-a-kind filmed concert by the renowned Iranian composer and instrumentalist Kayhan Kalhor and his Ensemble honoring the legacy of one of Iran’s greatest vocalists Mohammad Reza Shajarian (1940-2020).


Lost in The Desert Sky: Kayhan Kalhor in Memory of Mohammad Reza Shajarian was filmed in the spectacular Mahinistan Palace in Kashan, Iran and features all new music by Kayhan Kalhor performed by his ensemble and introducing vocalist Hadi Hosseini.


Throughout their history together, Kayhan wrote many pieces for Shajarian. And so to honor his friend, he did so in the best way he knew how: composing new music in his memory. Lost In the Desert Sky will include all new music composed by Kalhor, and performed by his ensemble, in remembrance of Shajarian. The film will also introduce the remarkable young vocalist Hadi Hosseini, who studied with Shajarian, and who may well carry on Shajarian’s legacy. This will mark one of Hosseini’s rare concert performances and his first outside of Iran.


Kalhor has a long, storied history with Shajarian - from their first album together Night Silence Desert to their acclaimed Masters of Persian Music tours. It is this deep love and admiration that inspired Kalhor to create this homage to his friend and collaborator. The concert takes place in the exquisite Mahinistan Palace, a 200 year old architecturally sublime historic locale in Kashan, an ancient desert city and an important stop on the silk road full of history.


Kayhan Kalhor is an internationally acclaimed virtuoso on the kamancheh (spiked fiddle), who through his many musical collaborations has been instrumental in popularizing Persian around the world and is a creative force in today’s music scene. His performances of traditional Persian music and multiple collaborations have attracted audiences around the globe. He has studied the music of Iran’s many regions, in particular those of Khorason and Kordestan, and has toured the world as a soloist with various ensembles and orchestras including the New York Philharmonic, the Orchestre National de Lyon, and as part of Yo Yo Ma’s Silk Road Ensemble. He is co-founder of the renowned ensembles Dastan and Masters of Persian Music. Kalhor has composed works for Iran’s most renowned vocalists Mohammad Reza Shajarian and Shahram Nazeri and has also performed and recorded with Iran’s greatest instrumentalists.


Kayhan Kalhor Ensemble

Ali Asghar Arabshahi: tar (long-neck plucked lute)

Pouyan Ataie: santour (hammered dulcimer)

Hadi Hosseini: avaz (vocals)

Yasamin Shah Hosseini: oud (short-neck plucked lute)

Kayhan Kalhor: kamancheh (spike fiddle)

Presented by ¡Globalquerque! and Western New Mexico University


Produced The Generators (

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