The Free GLOBAL FIESTA returns to ¡Globalquerque! in 2022!

The FREE Global Fiesta takes place on the Saturday of ¡Globalquerque!

Below is the schedule for the 2019 Global Fiesta as a sample

of the programming you can expect to see return in 2022!

Saturday, Sept. 21, 2019
10:30 AM – 4 PM

Join us for a fun-filled international journey packed with educational workshops, inter-activities, film, panels, food demos, performances, and much more - with offerings for all ages! - created in collaboration with the National Hispanic Cultural Center’s Department of Education!  From instrument building for Kids of All Ages to Persian Dance lessons to the award-winning French film Le Concert to a panel on Songs of Rebellion to the ever-popular ¡GlobalCookie! Decorating Contest, it is a day filled with exploration and discovery!

All events take place at the National Hispanic Cultural Center: (1701 4th St SW, at Avenida César Chávez)

Get a sneak preview of this year’s festival with ¡Globalquerquito! – A School Day Celebration on Friday, September 20 at 10 AM, featuring Garifuna Collective and PamyuaClick here to register.

"This is how bridges get built.” 

Mel Minter, Musically Speaking

Artist Workshops:

Cottonwood Stage

MC: Ebony Isis Booth



10:45 AM – 11:45 AM: Ullaakuut! (Good Morning!) Inuit Song with Pamyua

Get to know Inuit/Yup’ik song and Pamyua’s contemporary approach to traditional songs.

12:00 PM – 1:00 PM: Celebrating China’s Diversity Through Traditional Music, Dance, and Costume

Albuquerque Chinese Folk Dance Ensemble is delighted to showcase an array of traditional music, dance, and fashion traditions from across China. Featuring dances from the grasslands of inner Mongolia and imperial courts of the Tang Dynasty, a qipao fashion show, and vibrant tunes played on ancient flutes. Join us on the dance floor for a lesson in Mongolian folk dance!

1:00 PM – 2:00 PM: The Grand Song of the Dong – Yandong Grand Singers

The Grand Song of the Dong ethnic group is a unique polyphonic a cappella style.  The Dong people, who don’t have a written language of their own, transmit much of their history, culture and knowledge through songs.  Learn more about the the Dong people’s unique form of aural history, and maybe even a song too!

2:15 PM – 3:15 PM: Slack-Key Guitar for the 21st Century – Makana

A master demonstrates the unique fingerstyle genre of guitar music that originated in Hawaii after Mexican vaqueros introduced Spanish the the islands in the late 19th century.

Dance Workshops:
Salon Ortega

Hosted by Romy Keegan

10:45 AM: Tango with Carrie Field

11:45 AM: Persian Dances with Parya Nickbeen

12:45 PM: Hula with Kellie Villacano (Ka La Kapu Polynesian Dance School)

1:45  to 3:30 PM: African Drum & Dance with Foluso Mimy (Natu Camara) & Rujeko Dumbutshena

This workshop will start as a drum workshop led by Foluso from Natu Camara’s band and will continue as a dance workshop led by Rujeko.  Bring drums to join in the fun!


Wells Fargo Theatre

¡Globalquerque! is happy to be a partner in the Week of Climate Action

We’ll be hosting panels about local and global climate issues, as well

as creating a global action mural with artist Lynnette Haouzous in the

Education Building (see below).

11:00 AM – 12:00 PM: Frack Off Chaco Coalition: Global to Local  

A presentation and panel discussion with members of the Greater Chaco Coalition on collective efforts to protect the Greater Chaco landscape and beyond from the onslaught of industrialized fracking.  Representatives from Navajo Nation Council, Navajo chapter houses, Pueblo groups, and environmental groups will discuss the fight to protect Greater Chaco in a local and global context. Q&A to follow presentation.

12:15 PM – 1:15 PM: Songs of Rebellion 

with 47SoulNatu CamaraDat Garcia, Jackie Zamora (Baracutanga), Valerie Martinez (Moderator)

Song has a long, worldwide history of supporting, supplying the soundtrack to and even fomenting rebellion and resistance to oppression, discrimination, and injustice. In the modern era, songs and songwriters have often been at the forefront of political protests. From the Suffragette movement, to the Dust Bowl and Great Depression, to the Civil Rights movement to the Arab Spring, to anti-Fascist, pro-Democracy, anti-War movements in Italy, Chile, Spain, Korea, USA, México, France, China and around the world, music, musicians and their songs have been on the frontline.  We convene a panel of songwriters from outside the US, whose music is often driven by issues that resonate with both them and their listeners.  What drives these artists to write politically-charged music?  What do they see as the role of art in social change?  What is the price/risk?

1:30 PM – 2:30 PM: The Global Climate Strike 

with Student Organizers from US Youth Climate Strike New Mexico and Fight for Our Lives Albuquerque, Tom Solomon, 350 New Mexico Megan Kamerick (Moderator)

Why is the climate crisis so urgent?
Why are students around the globe striking from school for climate action?
Hear directly from student organizers of the Albuquerque Global Climate Strike and Week of Climate Action (Sept. 20-27). 350NM will briefly cover the basics of the climate crisis, followed by Q&A panel with key student climate strike activists.


This is their future – learn from them and about how you can help.

Climate Mural Project/Food Demo:

Domenici Education Building





10:30 AM to 4 PM: Our Future Community Climate Mural Project with Lynnette Haozous
Lynnette Haozous is Chiricahua Apache (of the San Carlos Apache Tribe), Diné, and Taos Pueblo, a multi-medium artist, advocate, teacher, and public speaker.  Currently based in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Haozous blends her art and advocacy to bring attention to the current social conditions and injustices of Indigenous People. She works in paintings, murals, installations, and poetry. The mural will be unveiled on Saturday night at the festival!

1:30 PM: International Food Preparation Demo (and tasting!) – Three Sisters Kitchen

Our amigos at Three Sisters Kitchen demonstrate how to make the perfect Peruvian Empanada!  Con rico!


Bank of America Theatre

Hosted by Dr. Reeve Love

12:00 PM: Le Concert/The Concert (France, 2009)
Director: Radu Mihaileanu
French & Russian with English subtitles; 107 minutes; rated PG-13


Thirty years ago, Andrei Simoniovich Filipov was the conductor of the illustrious Bolshoi orchestra until he was fired for using Jewish musicians. Now he works as a janitor at the Bolshoi and drinks too much. But when he intercepts an invitation for the orchestra to perform at the Chatelet Theater in Paris, he masterminds a plan to gather together his own Bolshoi to go in their place and make a triumphant return to the music scene. With his former Jewish and Gypsy musicians at his side, Andrei sets off for Paris to fulfill his destiny and return to his glory as a great conductor.






2:00 PM – The Jade Pendant (China, 2017)
Director: Po-Chih Leong
English, Mandarin, Chinese with English subtitles; 106 minutes; not rated

Fleeing an arranged marriage in China, the independent Peony signs a contract to work as a “flower girl” in America, where she meets Tom, an American Born Chinese cook whose father works on the Transcontinental Railroad. Thwarted by a Hong Kong Triad boss seeking to extend his power into America, theirs is the tale of the first great Chinese immigration to the United States—a story of romance, bigotry, passion, food and a search for everlasting love—set against the largest mass lynching in American history, in Los Angeles’ Chinatown, in 1871.


















Fountain Courtyard 




Hands-on Crafts by Kerry Bergen 

New Mexican Folk Art: Match Box Nichos
Multiculturalism is a defining characteristic of New Mexican art. It is a blending of Mexican, Spanish Colonial arts and Native American arts that have a 300 year old history in New Mexico. A nicho box, or simply “nicho,” is a three-dimensional or recessed display box, much in the spirit of a shadow box. Craft your own matchbox Nicho with colorful Loteria Game folk art pictures and embellishments!

Instrument Making with Christopher Gibson (in loving memory of Arturo Olivas)
Join Christopher Gibson and friends in making simple musical instruments from recycled household objects. This year’s projects will include: washboards designed from corrugated cardboard and chop sticks, tambourines made from aluminum pie pans and bottle caps, and kazoos constructed out of Popsicle sticks, straws and rubber bands. The first 50 participants will have the opportunity to to decorate a bamboo flute from India.

Palabras – Interactive bilingual poetry creation

Refugee Well-being Project:
Drinks, Sweets & Crafts from members of Albuquerque’s refugee community.
Drop by to say hi, get decorated with henna, have some tea and learn greetings in foreign languages.
You’ll also have a chance to check out and purchase beautiful, handmade traditional lapis jewelry from Afghanistan.


Around NHCC Campus


¡GlobalCookie! Decorating and Competition (in front of the Performing Arts Building)

Planet Music: Interactive Instruments with Casey Mraz (at the Global Village festival entrance)

NHCC Art Museum is FREE all day!
Enjoy 11,000 square feet of Hispanic Art from New Mexico and around the world.

A Quiet Space in the NHCC Library (located just east of the Fountain Courtyard)
Take a break from the crowds in the refuge of the beautiful NHCC library.
Kids and adults are welcome to quietly read, write, work on a laptop or listen to music with headphones.
The library has books for children, youth and adults.
Everyone is welcome.
Children and youth under 13 must be accompanied by a parent.

Albuequerque Zinefest: The History and Literary Arts Conference Room 

Drop by to create a ¡Globalquerque! zine with abqzf, the organizers of the oldest, organized zine event in New Mexico.



And remember: The Global Village of Craft Culture & Cuisine is OPEN throughout the day!  

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photo by Jade Leyva