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The Global Village of Craft, Culture & Cuisine is always a special highlight of ¡Globalquerque! With approximately 30 booths of international crafts, culture and cuisine available for your browsing and shopping pleasure, you are sure to find something to delight your senses. Come early so you’ll have plenty of time to explore the diverse artisan offerings and enjoy a glass of Sheehan Vineyard wine,  a cold selection of Santa Fe Brewing Co. suds, or a warm specialty coffee from Casa Brew Coffee, along with a tasty variety of international food choices!

Food and drink will be available until late in the evening; Artisan booths will shut down around 8 or 9. 

2022 Hours:

-Thursday: 6:30 PM - close

– Friday: 5 PM to close
– Saturday: 10 AM to 3:00 PM; 4:00 PM - close

Interested in vending?  Check out Global Villager info here

2022 Global Village Vendors


Kathy Stephenson make beautiful works of art that also happen to be functional items to be used and a part of daily lives. She came to pottery while pursuing a degree in psychology at the University of New Mexico through her first pottery teacher, Jim Srubeck.  While she  have strayed from the strict Japanese method he taught, finding her own original artistic voice, she still carries many traits and philosophies with me.


“My main endeavor in life heart work has been having a petsitting business for 25 years. Hence, the name of the pottery business." Kathy explains. "Crossed paws on any creature evoke a sense of tranquility and grace. And the logo are the paws surrounded by an open ensō,  a Zen Buddhist circle encompassing one or two brush strokes, and symbolizing strength, elegance and the void. My dog friends have enabled me to spend a lot of time in nature - a never ending inspiration.”


Daniella Willett-Rabin was born in Madison, Wisconsin. During her formative years she had the opportunity to live in both Italy and Spain. She graduated from the visual arts high school, Escuela de Artes y Superior de Conservación y Restauración, in Salamanca, Spain in 1999. After graduation she pursued her love of percussion and studied drumming in both Los Angeles and Guinea, West Africa. Still drawn to the visual arts, she received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Savannah College of Art and Design in 2013. Daniella currently lives in Placitas, NM, where she is working as a freelance artist.


“Painting is my passion and joy, and art for me is a celebration of life." says Daniella. "The media I currently work in both oil and acrylic. The subject matter I reflect in my paintings embraces music, dance, nature, and architecture, all of which inspire me as an artist. These are the elements that bring me happiness in my day to day life and I hope I can share that joy and passion with others through my art.”

TheSerenade__Daniella Willet-Rabin.jpeg

Ukrainian folk art and other designs from not only Danaisha but other Ukranian American artisans and craft people.

Items include traditional Ukrainian Pysanky eggs, mosaic artwork made of psanky, Psanky jewlery, traditional Ukrainian crafts, shawls and more!

Designs by Danaisha (2).png

Founded in 2019 by Randy and Christina Carter on the motto "We Care", and motivated by the heart-wrenching separation of Elsa Ortiz and her son Antony when they tried to immigrate to the United States in 2018. Working with Sylvia Rodriguez and Pedro Solares, they contacted Elsa and two others in the same predicament and then worked to facilitate the return of their children. Antony, age 8, was the last to be joyously reunited after 81 days of separation. Elsa and Antony still faced a life of poverty in Guatemala. The Carters brainstormed with Elsa and came up with the idea of an export business.  And so Elsa Ortiz Online was born!

Stop by the booth and peruse the beautiful Guatemalan artisan crafts selected by Elsa for your enjoyment!  From hand-made toys to palm leaf sun hats to home decor, you are sure find something for every taste!


Screen Shot 2022-08-12 at 6.07.37 PM.png

Embudo Fabric Design has become a local favorite throughout the Land of Enchantment, and Joan McDonald's hand-crafted, on-of-a-kind products can be found in many venues, stores, and kitchens across New Mexico, including ¡Globalquerque!'s Global Village!  They have become treasures in the homes they occupy as they bring uniquely fabulous stories, characters, and pops of colors to people’s lives while existing as functional items. Joan's fabric colors are hand-mixed and the pieces are hand-screened reproducing and attenuating the colors of our natural surroundings.

Check out Embudo Fabrics Design's booth for whimsical pot holders, beautiful home goods and funky cool tee-shirts!

Embudo Fabrics.jpeg

Maryland native and UNM Student Sara Bolden came to New Mexico in 2004. Inspired by the stunning landscape of the mountains to the east, volcanoes to the west, and infinite routes to explore, Sara began creating handmade magical jewelry and wearable talismans made with genuine semiprecious gemstones and Galaxia Berillus Jewelry was born.  Cosmic. Exotic. Symbolic.

Sara states that "these accessories will make you feel strong, more confident and protected, while also helping you attract positivity into your life."  Nothing wrong with that!


Galaxia Berillus Jewelry-1.png


African and Africa-inspired clothing for men and women. Gambia native Ellen Carayol's Gambia Connection booth is also replete with jewelry, cloth handbags African shea butter products and more.

Gambia Connection.jpeg

La Parada is a treasure trove of beautiful items from around the world, from beautiful one-of-a-kind New Mexican folk art to imported global items for the home to stunning accent pieces, pottery and gift items, sure to delight!  

Pam Montoya and her daughter Antonia working alongside one another, scouring the planet and our own New Mexico backyard to present a plethora of artisan items.  La Parada means “the stop” in Spanish.  You should definitely make the LA Parada booth a stop in your Global Village shopping!

La Parada-2.jpeg


Master carver, painter, scholar Charles M. Carillo is an National Endowment for The Arts Heritage Fellow as well as numerous other national awards.  Charles continues to make homemade gesso and process his own pigments from vegetable, mineral, clay and insect sources. His varnish is made from the sap/resin from local pinon trees. 

All of Charles' subjects are of holy images and or saints. Take home a bit of living New Mexico history - and a good bit of knowledge regarding retablos and santos (You can learn even more about Charles' process and the cultural significance of his art during our Free Global Fiesta!)

Charles M. Carrillo -3.JPG

¡Globalquerque! 2022 Poster Artist!

Sean is an award-winning 5th generation Hispanic artist that has been a juried member of the Spanish Colonial Arts Society in the retablo category producing traditional Saint images. She is also well-known for her Day of the Dead themed art that has appeared on nationally distributed beers and wines and New Mexico Lottery scratchers. Her Saints and her Sinners, as she calls them, all deal with suffering and healing. The skeleton imagery has also become more symbolic in these times of division as a symbol. It is the foundation that we all share as humans. Sean aspires to educate on Hispanic culture through art and create space for compassion and understanding. 


Tierra Wools first opened the doors to its workshop and retail outlet in the historic T.D. Burns Mercantile building in Los Ojos, New Mexico in July of 1983, but the heritage of their weaving traditions spans four centuries. Tierra Wools' local weavers have been hand weave on Rio Grande Style looms in the traditional style. They have revived the art of natural dyeing and spinning of local, organically raised wool yarns - presenting the beauty of the fiber process, from hoof to loom.  (You can learn more about their process during Molly Manzanares' weaving demo and presentation during our Free Global Fiesta!)

Tierra Wools offers exquisite handwoven blankets, various natural wool items, felted home goods along with weaving equipment and hand-spun yarns.


Tierra Wool-1.jpeg

Xol Original is a non-profit arts and education organization incorporated in Colorado. Initially formed in February 2014 as a natural outgrowth of the relationships with indigenous artisans of Guatemala and Mexico, we offer an interface for patrons of indigenous artisanship to custom order beautiful handmade footwear.

Xol Original envisions a future which enriches, revitalizes and exchanges sustainable practices informed by indigenous knowledge of an inseparable relationship of all peoples to the natural world. Their mission is to safeguard the noble wealth of indigenous traditions through sustainable offerings that teach respect for nature and all human life.   To that end they create original works of wearable art through active design collaboration with indigenous artisans throughout the world. A major underlying tenet of their design collaboration with artisans is to use recycled or reclaimed materials and provide materials, tools, equipment and access to educational or career advancement opportunities to artisans.

Xol Originals.jpg
KUNM logo.jpeg

For the past 56 years KUNM Radio has been servicing the greater Albuquerque and New Mexico community with an inspired, engaging and often thought-provoking mix of music, live performances, news, commentary and "driveway" moments"!

When you tune-in to KUNM you know you are about to hear something interesting.  No matter what program you listen to, you know KUNM is going to take you on a radio journey.   Hope on board and tne in to 89.5 FM! And stop by the KUNM booth and sperhaps ay howdy to your favorite DJ and grab some swag!

KUNM is the official radio media sponsor of ¡Globalquerque!


AARP is the nation's largest nonprofit, nonpartisan organization dedicated to empowering people to choose how they live as they age.  AARP believes it it time to change the story about aging.  It’s time to change the stuff around us. It’s time to look at the bigger picture, too, and demand what we want — from our car, our home, our workplace, our doctor, our communities and more.

It’s time to Disrupt Aging.  It's also time to stop the fraud!  Visit the AARP booth and find out how to identify scams and give the wheel a spin!

LeafFilter Logo

Check out the nation’s largest gutter protection company​'s beautiful water display!

With hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers, LeafFilter is the largest gutter protection company in the nation. From coast to coast, we provide the most effective debris-blocking professionally installed gutter protection system on the market, paired with an exceptional customer experience from beginning to end.

network chiro LOGO_Square.jpg


Free Spinal Screenings Using Insight CLA Thermal SEMG Device

For the past 27 years Dr. Trey Stiles has been offering effective and gentle chiropractic care. 
Chiropractic philosophy states that all living things have an innate intelligence. This innate intelligence is an internal healing and renewal system that allows a person to self-regulate and heal, especially in times of stress and trauma. 

A person’s innate intelligence expresses itself through the brain and spinal cord. Any trauma, or disruption to the brain and spinal cord will interfere with proper body function. The goal of care is to detect and remove any brain and spinal interference, allowing for the maximum expression of your own innate intelligence. Network Chiropractic's mission to help our practice members live healthy, well balanced lives with physical and emotional well-being, through a healthier, better functioning nervous system. 


Since the late 1980s, Spanish History Publications have researched and created historical materials including full color framed Spanish coats of arms (and some non-Spanish ones, too), Spanish surname family history research booklets, surname family posters, colorful chile posters and more.  



Indigenous owned and operated, Izzy's Creations, infuse their traditional Native American Breads to bring you an hand held delicacy. They offer unique foods, too,  such as Blue Corn Frybread.

Izzy's menu includes farm grown veggies and herbs picked directly from their family garden. All this is blended together to give you a Native Soul Food experience. 


The exotic locale of Lamu Island, off the coast of Kenya, with its fusion of Swahili, Indian, Arabic, and European influences, is at the heart of award-winnig Owner-Chef Ahmed Obo’s spirited cuisine. It was there, in his mother’s aromatic kitchen, that Ahmed mastered his homeland’s unique and fragrant cooking style, beginning a culinary adventure eventually leading him to New Mexico to open Jambo Café.


Named by the Santa Fe Reporter for Best International Cuisine, 12 years running, Chef Obo for Best Chef from 2015 – 2021, and a 2022 James Beard Awards nomination for Best Chef in the Southwest, Jambo Café, and its mobile offshoot Jambo Hapa (hapa means "here" in Swahili), will have your tastebuds shouting "Here! Here!" 


New Mexico-made seasonings, dry rubs, soups, dips, rice, and macaroni and cheese mixes loving hand crafted by Lawrence Clark in Tijeras, NM!  

Add some zing to your dishes with selections like Go-Go Green Chile or Coffee Rub with New Mexico Red Chile.  Try the drink mixes and seasoned salts, too! And Mountain Man Gourmet products contain no MSG, artificial flavors or preservatives.

This year Mountain Man Gourmet will be offering fresh-roasted nuts for your healthy festival snacking pleasure!  And check out Lawrence's recipe books, too!


South Valley duo Mandy and Marcus are best friends and owners of The Munchie Truck.  As their name suggests, The Munchie Truck offers delectable comfort food bites offering a locally sourced menu that is created with your budget and their high quality in mind

Their munchie sliders are a unique tasty cross-cultural culinary exploration, whether you choose Korean BBQ Pork, Drunk Chicken or Falafel.  And their sauces give a new meaning to "finger-lickin' good!  

The Munchie Truck is the official backstage caterer for ¡Globalquerque! 2022.

Munchie Truck - Slider.png

Our pals at Santa Fe Brewing - New Mexico’s oldest and largest craft brewery - have been with us since the beginning, through thick and thin, and we couldn't be happier to welcome them back!  SFB has bee innovating, evolving, listening, fermenting, experimenting, crafting interesting, highly-drinkable beverages for thirsty people everywhere since 1988.

Check out SFB's award-winning selection of suds during our Friday and Saturday evening performances and at our opening Thursday night FREE 
Global Headphone Dance Party & Concert! Try their flagship classic Pale Ale (christened ¡Globaquerque! Pale Ale at the fest!), their fabulously intense 7K IPA or delicioso Pepe Loco lager.  Hard cider and seltzer, too

Santa Fe Brewing Co in the Official Beer of ¡Globalquerque! 


We are pretty darn happy to introduce you all to the New Official Vino of ¡Globalquerque!: Albuquerque South Valley's own award-winning Sheehan Winery!

Sheehan Winery has vineyards in Corrales, Bosque Farms, and the South Valley of Albuquerque. The Corrales and Bosque Farms vineyards are well established and are the basis for our award-winning Lobo Vineyard Merlot and Chardonnay as well as our Elyce Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Chambourcin wines. All Sheehan Winery wines are made exclusively from New Mexico-grown grapes.

Check out Sheehan Winery's award-winning selection of wines during our Friday and Saturday evening performances and at our opening Thursday night FREE Global Headphone Dance Party & Concert!  They will also be doing wine tasting and bottle sales during our Free Free Global Fiesta.  

Sheehan Winery is the Official Vino of ¡Globalquerque! 

Sheehan Winery - 3.jpg

Three Sisters Kitchen is a non-profit community food space in the heart of downtown Albuquerque, where delicious, affordable, and locally produced foods come together to nourish our community from the ground up.  

Three Sisters Kitchen is also home to the TSK: Food Group that creates inspired food products such as their specialty granolas like 
Biscochito-Orange or Red Chile-Apricot-Pecan along with intriguing spice blends and blue corn waffle mix.

Three Sisters Kitchen’s Nutritional Values project celebrates the complexity that shows up on our plates, honors the stories we all have to tell, and creates opportunities to have conversations about what we hope and dream for our communities, as we share meals around the table.

Three Sisters Kitchen will be hosting a South Indian Food Demo & Tasting with
Dhiru Paul of the acclaimed Paper Dosa in Santa Fe during our Free Global Fiesta


Wolf and Mermaid import specialty coffee beans direct from farms in Central and South America and home-roast them in micro-batches.  Their quest?  To find enchantment in the perfect roast of coffee.  Finding and capturing the spirit of the drink.  The magic of the moment.  


Wolf and Mermaid will be serving- fresh roasted hot and cold brewed coffee, fresh organic hibiscus and Moroccan mint tea, home made and small batch goodies like brownies, corn muffins, baklava, etc.  You can also pick up a bags of their fresh-roasted whole bean and ground coffee to take home!


Wolf & Mermaid is the Official Coffee of ¡Globalquerque! 

Wolf & Mermaid-1.jpeg

Local cultural groups are invited to bring information about their activities, put out mailing lists and free materials for distribution at the Community Booth.  

Please contact submissions (at) globalquerque (dot) org for details.

photo by Lawrence Clark

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