Due to continuing state health regulation and reopening directive changes during the planning of this year's festival, the organizers have decided that the Global Village will not be hosting any non-food vendors. 
There will be international food, drink, wine and beer available.
We will be accepting inquiries for non-food vendors for 2022 in January. 

We thank you for your understanding as we all emerge into the light...
Please read our full statement to vendors here

The Global Village of Craft, Culture & Cuisine is always a special highlight of ¡Globalquerque! With approximately 30 booths of international crafts, culture and cuisine available for your browsing and shopping pleasure, you are sure to find something to delight your senses. Come early so you’ll have plenty of time to explore the diverse artisan offerings and enjoy a glass of Vívac wine,  a cold selection of Santa Fe Brewing Co. suds, or a warm specialty coffee from Casa Brew Coffee, along with a tasty variety of international food choices!

Food and drink will be available until late in the evening, but the craft booths will shut down around 8 or 9.


Local cultural groups are invited to bring information about their activities, put out mailing lists and free materials for distribution at the Community Booth.  Please contact for details.


2021 Hours:
– Friday: 5 PM to close
– Saturday: 5 PM to close

Note: The Global Village of Craft, culture & Cuisine will be open during all parts of the festival, including the Free Global Fiesta Day Programming, from 10:30 AM to 4 PM on Saturday.

The Global Villager (vendor) information below is for 2019.  

We will be updating our 2021 Global Villager info soon!

Interested in vending?  Check out Global Villager info here

Craft Vendors (2019)

David Behrens Gallery

David Behrens is a nationally acclaimed artist whose sensitivity and insight into Native American culture and history have placed him in the forefront of this growing art movement. His unique approach of blending iconic Native American images and moving, provocative themes cut to the heart and have made him one of the most sought after and collectible artists in the nation and abroad.

Elevate Nepal

Elevate Nepal focuses on rebuilding infrastructure damaged in the 2015 earthquakes. Their current fundraising goals are geared towards the reconstruction of a 700-student primary school that was destroyed in the earthquake. They sell hemp bags and raffle paintings that were imported from Nepal as a way to generate additional funding. All products are made of material grown, harvested and manufactured on the free trade market in Nepal.  


We believe in the transformational power of the language of art. HoonArts is a purveyor of fine handcrafted offerings from Central Asia that serve as a bridge to empower our artisan partners, span the cultural divide and build a shared future together. Since 2014, HoonArts has been providing unique high-quality artisan-crafted fashion and gifts for discerning shoppers who want to use their dollars to make the world a better place. When you purchase an authentic local scarf or bag from HoonArts, you are opening a doorway into the world of the people and the culture of the ancient Silk Road. You are also forging a link between their dreams and your own. It’s like globetrotting for visionaries, only without the jet lag. At HoonArts, we’re handcrafting a world of difference, one bag, one scarf, one story at a time.

Jambo Imports

Jambo Imports carries it all. From items for your kitchen such as salad bowls and forks, hand-painted wooden bowls, soapstone plates, hand-carved napkin rings, and place mats—to jewelry and clothing such as beaded bracelets, precious stone adornment, and hand-made earrings and necklaces, daishikis, kaftans, and cloth from various regions—to hand-carved and painted masks, sculpture, drums, and furniture. Jambo Imports lets you take a bit of Mother Africa home with you.

La Parada

La Parada offers a rich and eclectic array of items from local artists and artisans from around the world. Talavera garden pottery and benches from Mexico, oil-drum art from Haiti, textiles from Brazil and India, jewelry from Oaxaca, and folk art from New Mexican artists are examples of items you will find at La Parada. You can also visit us at our Albuquerque North Valley home in a historic stage-coach stop on a 13-acre property of lush grass and alfalfa (8917 4th Street NW). There we host free community events several times a year like Día de los Muertos Celebration & Workshop in October, North Fourth Holiday Stop & Shop in December, Women & Creativity in March, Cinco de Mayo Folk Art & Music Festival in May, and the Summer Solstice Sale in June.

Laughing Hare Hot Glass

Theresa Laferriere of Laughing Hare Hot Glass creates stained glass and fused stained glass mosaics. “In 1994 an old friend of mine was killed in a boating accident in Alaska. Because I could not attend her funeral, I decided to go down to the Rio Grande River and say goodbye to her there. That was the day I found the glass dump. Piles and piles of glass left over from garbage discarded many years ago. I knew instantly that I was supposed to do something with this glass. I spent that day building glass sculpture at the dump, and I came back the next day and did the same thing. Needless to say I brought some glass home and began the process of glass and me. Ten years later I’ve come to a whole new place with glass. Melting glass, cutting glass and creating mosaics and kaleidoscopes is what it is all about now. No doubt this will change too over time. I continue to pursue creativity as a reason for living. See glass, enjoy light!”

Namaste Crafts

Sarita Gurung-Birkey taught art in multiple elementary schools with the APS Fine Arts Program in Albuquerque. She has won numerous awards for her professional art at the New Mexico State Fair. Since her retirement with APS, Sarita is widely recognized for her caricatures and her interactive style while drawing.

Project Have Hope

Project Have Hope works with a group of 100 women in the Acholi Quarter of Uganda and helps them transform their lives and the lives of their families. Through the sale of their beautiful, handmade paper bead jewelry, the women can feed their families, send their children to school, and look forward to a richer future.

Sew Minimal

By selecting used or discarded materials from second hand stores (such as fabric scraps and trimmings, t-shirts, bedding, or curtains) Sew Minimal seeks to create unique, sustainable, and affordable women’s fashion and accessories as an alternative to the “fast” fashion industry that is so detrimental to the environment and capitalizes off of inhumane labor practices. Each piece is sewn by Kelly Colleen and truly one of a kind. With the exception of zippers, thread, and other notions we avoid purchasing new materials.

Two Stoned Betties

Two Stoned Betties is comprised of the creativity and work of Sara Romãn and Kayla Mansfield. The two are lifelong friends bonded by their love for each other as well as their undying need to create bold, colorful artwork and accessories. Their brand was established in 2013 and has progressed and evolved quite steadily since then. The “pot positive” entrepreneurs work out of Albuquerque and take much pride in showcasing their New Mexican heritage and culture through the many mediums that they work with. Their brand strives to represent the counter-culture well. They believe that their bold artwork and statement accessories empower their customers  and can’t wait to share their work with you.

Sean Wells Art

Sean’s artwork has been featured on internationally distributed beer labels (Cerveza de los Muertos), nationally distributed wine labels (La Catrina Vino) and New Mexico Lottery Scratchers, for which she received a national award for top scratcher design. She is an award-winning 5th generation Spanish Colonial artist and juried member of the Spanish Colonial Arts Society in the retablo category. Sean aspires to spread humanity by educating on cultural imagery and history in her artwork and teaching.

Xol Original

Xol Original is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that works with indigenous and Native artisans in the U.S., Guatemala and Mexico. The offerings we will be selling include leather handmade boots, leather bags, and scarves. 80% of our sales go directly back to the artisans we work with.


¡Globalquerque! Community Booth

A clearinghouse for local activities and events. Local cultural groups are invited (and encouraged!) to drop off information in the booth to share with the public, including mailing lists and free materials for distribution at the Community Booth.

KUNM Radio

Visit the booth of KUNM 89.9 FM, New Mexico’s premiere public radio station, and pick up free bumper stickers and program guides. Meet the staff and DJs. KUNM—one station, many voices.

​Rio Grande Body Works

Rio Grande Body Works offers a variety of bodywork and skincare services with therapeutic and relaxing benefits. Traditional body work treatments, such as Swedish massage, are complimented with Lomi Lomi Hawaiian massage, reflexology, couple’s sessions, and more. Skincare services include custom facials, express or in-depth peels, men’s facials, and acne facials.


Casa Brew Coffee

Local to Albuquerque and Rio Rancho area brewmasters serving your favorite hot and cold coffee drinks and some unique creations from a full espresso and tea bar!

Jambo Hapa
The exotic locale of Lamu Island, off the coast of Kenya, with its fusion of Swahili of European, Arabic and Indian influences, is at the heart of Owner-Chef Ahmed Obo’s spirited cuisine. It was there, in his mother’s aromatic kitchen, that Ahmed mastered his homeland’s unique gastronomic delights, beginning a culinary adventure that would ultimately lead him to New Mexico. Come dine with us and enjoy a journey into Africa and the Caribbean!

Mountain Man Gourmet

“Home of the Go-Go Green Chile Spice Mix.” Dip mixes, spice blends, rubs, hot roasted seasoned nuts and more from Lawrence J. Clark, aka the “Mountain Man Gourmet.”

Nath's Inspired Khmer Cuisine
Chef Nath carries on the spirit of Khmer cuisine by delivering the best-quality ingredients, carefully balanced, but draws from her Thai, Vietnamese and Chinese heritage to create dishes all her own. Her creative instincts draw her to innovative cooking methods and integration of local ingredients such as Hatch red chile or dry roasted cumin and coriander. Chef Nath often blends in grated daikon and legumes to add depth, body and nutrients to her dishes. You will find Chef Nath’s creations surprising, engaging and satisfying, true to the tradition and always ready to incorporate the best new ingredients the market can deliver.


Platero’s Fry Bread and Navajo Tacos

Fry bread has been a staple of Navajo cuisine for generations. Whether eaten alone, with toppings, or as the base of a Navajo taco, one taste of this fluffy fried dough will have you wanting more. 

Santa Fe Brewing Co.

​Santa Fe Brewing Company is New Mexico’s oldest microbrewery, distributing only naturally conditioned beers in its home state of New Mexico and surrounding states. Santa Fe Brewing Company brews their beer in Santa Fe, New Mexico. All of their beers are made from the finest hops shipped directly from the grower in Washington along with specialty malts imported from the UK. They pride themselves on not only using high quality ingredients but also using no preservatives or pasteurization. Look for the SFBC ¡Globalquerque! Pale Ale!   Santa Fe Brewing Co. is the official suds provider of ¡Globalquerque!

Vivác Winery 

Vivác Winery is the creation of brothers Jesse and Chris Padberg, along with their wives, Michele and Liliana Padberg, respectively. In November of 1998 Jesse and Chris embarked on a new mission: “to make the best wine possible and have a good time doing it!” This meant professionally crafted, world-ranked, dry red wines—a first for New Mexico. Through extensive travel around the world and mentorships with other local winemakers, they learned about the wine business in general and more specifically about the wine business in Northern New Mexico. The word “Vivác” is a Spanish term meaning “high-altitude refuge,” and Vivác Winery is just that. With record-breaking ratings in Wine Enthusiast Magazine, Vivác Winery has earned the title of “Highest Rated Red Wine Producer in New Mexico’s History.” Sunset Magazine has named Vivác “Notable up and coming wine makers” and “Winery to discover now!” With a commitment to excellence, the Vivác Winery family has pushed the boundaries of what New Mexico wine can be!  Vivác Winery is the official vino provider of ¡Globalquerque!

Viola Crepes
There is something very pecial about the perfect French crepe. And that is what Voila Crepes is all about! Sweet or savory offerings with a mad variety of toppings, from traditional French crepes to crepes with a New Mexican twist to the special ¡Globalquerque! crepe, there is a Voila Crepe for all tastes!  Bon appétit, bien manger!

photo by Lawrence Clark