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September 23, 2023  |  7:30 PM
Santa Fe Opera  |  Santa Fe, NM


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Join us for this one-of-a-kind very special event featuring
two of global music's most dynamic and influential artists!

Tickets on Sale April 14 @ 10 AM

presented in partnership with 

What is up with ¡Globalquerque!?

Some of you may have noticed the lack of public activity coming from Team ¡Globalquerque! over the past months, including not announcing dates for 2023, Early Bird ticket sales, call to vendors, etc.  We are now ready to make what has been happening public. The statement is a bit long, but we wanted to let you know as much of the background as we could.
(And you do want to get to the end!)

Read the entire statement here

Keep well and stay tuned....


Tom Frouge

Executive Director



¡Globalquerque! is New Mexico's Annual Celebration of World Music & Culture.  It takes place each September.  Watch this space for 2023 Events and News About the 2024 Festival!

"New Mexico's ¡Globalquerque! festival offers some of the most adventurous world music programming
set against one of the Southwest's most beautiful cities" — Nat Geo Music
"I have been to many global music events, including a handful of WOMAD festivals, and ¡Globalquerque! ranks among the best. Awesome venue, world-class artists, friendly vibe... outstanding.”  — Matthew Moon, KXCI-FM (Tucson, AZ)
"Our experience at ¡Globalquerque! once again has left us joyously jazzed and energized in a way that can't be verbalized....what a gift to have this here in NM!!! Can't thank you enough Tom and everyone else who worked so hard to deliver another fantastic world music festival of world class quality- and of course, thanks to the incredible performers.”  - Alan Suits (Santa Fe)
“Best curated festival I can imagine! Just bring it on!!  Our favorite Festival in North America!”
                                                                                                                       - Rene Engel (Los Angeles, CA)
“I live in Denver and we came down for ¡Globalquerque! this year. Love it and all of the cultural workshops on Saturday morning.” - Dan Willging (Denver, CO)


“What a wonderful event! All I heard was phenomenal.  My 11 year old son kept saying "this is the best event ever!" - he loved all of the music and especially enjoyed the "instrument petting zoo". From this Mama's heart, to see him inspired to practice cello (he just started) and try different instruments with a big smile on his face was a wonderful gift! He moved himself to the front of the stage when DakhaBrakha was on, took many pictures and especially focused on the cello. He is absolutely inspired - for this, I cannot thank you enough.”

                                                                                                                       - Deneen Gudjonson (Santa Fe)

“This event is so much fun! That even after moving away, I’ve returned the last two years to ¡Globalquerque! I’ll be there next year too! Thank you for bringing these amazing artists from all over the world!”

                                                                                                                        - Lupe Mendoza (Phoenix, AZ)

“¡Globalquerque! is beyond compare and it's no small accomplishment to produce a world class event. To be able to produce ¡Globalquerque! sustainably over decades is an amazing and OUTSTANDING accomplishment. Congratulations to the entire ¡Globalquerque! staff and supporters.” - Mike Dawson (Rio Rancho)


“The music in New Mexico this summer has been so amazing and last night going to ¡Globalquerque!, the International music festival, took it to another level.” - Michele Rozbitsky (Santa Fe)

“What a beautiful and joyous gathering of dynamite world entertainers and happy audiences!! ​ 

                                                                                                                          - Lorraine Cordova (ABQ,NM)

"You just can't go wrong with ¡Globalquerque!" — Michele Whitteker (ABQ, NM)

More of what folks are sayin'...

A special 4-part documentary series 
Ak Dan Gwang Chil (South Korea)
Fendika (Ethiopia) - EPISODE 2 (Coming SOON!)
Enrique Flores / Eloisa Martínez García / Pasatono (México) 
Puuluup (Estonia) - EPISODE 1  (Debuted June 2021)  Debut Theatre Screening September 24 during ¡Globalquerque!'s Free Global Fiesta!

Episode 2 - Fendika (Ethiopia)


More on ¡Globalquerque! Sojourns HERE

Special thanks to the City of Albuquerque for their generous support .


Sojourns is your passport to a unique journey that takes a glimpse into the lives of some of the most original and compelling musical and visual artists on the planet, exploring their culture through cuisine, architecture, special passions - and, of course, their music and art!   


Some comments on Episode 1:

“It is such a rare pleasure to be surprised, to have the world before you warp into a new direction, Sojourns! Episode 1 did that for me.  All the while seemingly so deceptively simple. I guess that, for me, is joy.” - James D.

"Very entertaining!  This needs to be on PBS!" - Jim C. 


"Really great! I really got a sense of who the musicians are - so talented in many ways! And their cities and places of living are interesting, too!" - Hui W.

“The documentary really delivers a very, very good insider feel of the group and Estonia.” - Juliana V.


“Well done! Wonderful production. Loved the smoked fish, the market, the rye vodka, the music - all of it!” - Sandra E.

I wasn't familiar with Puuluup's music so it was an education for me. Excellent musicians and performers. Video was put together very well and thoroughly engaged me. Congratulations on a job well done and I am looking forward to the other videos in this series.” - Phil M.

¡Globalquerque! Playlists

Should you be searching for our embedded ¡Globalquerque! Artists music playlist and our seasonal playlists on Spotify, ¡Globalquerque! has decided to leave that streaming service. We believe that the streaming service is allowing mis- and disinformation to spread unchecked on its platform.


But fear not!  All our playlists have been transferred to Tidal, including our latest "Get The Chillout: ¡Globalquerque! Winter Playlist 2021-22"! (We even added a Neil Young and a Joni Mitchell track!) And Tidal, like Spotify, has a free tier.


Listen to our playlists on Tidal: 

¡Globalquerque! Spring Playlist 2023


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¡Globalquerque! Summer Playlist 2022

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¡Globalquerque! Spring Playlist 2022

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